20 Reasons Why I Don’t Miss My 20s

If you are in your 30’s, like myself, I am sure you have looked back at your 20’s with either a sad nostalgia, or thankful relief. I loved my twenties, but I would never want to go back. I learned a lot, which helps me get through my 30’s with a clearer outlook.

For some people, hitting that 30th birthday was truly upsetting. Not a celebration, but a countdown to a death sentence. I think a lot of us thought that it was the time to finally “grow up.” A sort of a deadline to be set and accomplished in your career, relationship, finances, and possibly have a family. But that date came and went and you realized that nothing really changed, life went on, but you may be a little wiser. You may have realized that you have learned from the mistakes you made the last decade and ready to move forward with life, and know in your heart it only gets better from here.

I think is the best part about being in our 30’s is we can still pull off that we look like we are in our twenties, looking hot and sexy, but we are a lot wiser and have that knowledge our back pocket.

I came across a fantastic article of “20 Dumbest Things About Being in Your 20’s.” written by Tina Smithers, and I thought all of them were so true, and funny to think back to some of them that are too “real.”

Here are some of my faves:


You’re not as smart as you think you areFact: A person’s brain is not fully matured until at least age 25.

Just because you graduated from high school and you pay your own bills, it doesn’t mean you have the world on your own personal brightly colored string. You may as well take your youthful arrogance and go invest in some diapers, because You Know Nothing, a fact which you will repeatedly be reminded of throughout your 20s.


You think you’re fat and ugly.
Fact: Nearly 30% of people who got Botox injections in 2009 were under the age of 30.

You hate your big nose, butt chin, love handles, forehead wrinkles, etc. In truth, you look as good as you’re ever going to look, so embrace it. And if you think you’re fat now, just wait until you’re a 50-year-old sloth with a beer gut and age spots.


You can’t take back those stupid, impulsive decisions you make.
Fact: 36% of those aged 18 to 29 have at least one tattoo.

Brittany Travis for Tru TV

Twenty-somethings are fickle beings, so if you love Tweety Bird now, you might not love him at 40. Therefore, it might be best not to get the dumb yellow cartoon tattooed on your forearm, unless you’ve given it a lifetime of thought. I proceeded to get a large, emo-esque star tattooed on my wrist (see above) when my boyfriend and I broke up. Maybe I wanted to deflect the pain from my newly broken heart, or perhaps I was acting out, but either way, I can’t help but wonder what the hell I was thinking.


You freak out over turning 30.
Fact: At age 30, you’re older (and wiser) than 42 percent of Americans.
Attempting to survive your 20s can be so startlingly horrific, it would only make sense to get psyched about your 30th birthday, right? Yet so many twentysomethings obsessively dread entering this newer, gentler, kinder decade, when we should all take solace in the fact that the 30s are when the fun really starts. (Or so I hear.)

To read the whole article and all 20 reasons click the link: 20 Dumbest Things About Being in Your 20’s.


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