Kate Middleton’s Pre-Wedding Diet Plan – Dukan Diet

Kate has been in the news lately because she is about to become a princess in less than a month. We decided to write about her even though she is not in her 30s because I am sure at one time or another we have all wanted to be a princess. I think we are all fascinated with the Royal family. Kate is as interesting to us as Diana was to our mothers.

But not all news about Kate has been positive lately. She has been criticized for looking too thin, that her legs are looking like sticks and that she is losing her curves that Prince William loves so much about her in the first place. There have been reports that her 5’10″ frame has slimmed down to 120 pounds.

Kate is reported to be on the DukanDiet.  Also known as the French Atkins. It is very popular in Europe. It is a low carb, high protein diet. But it is not the same as Atkins in every way. It is a supercharged diet with different steps that is suppose to help you lose even faster. It is said to help you shed 7 pounds in 5 days.
Gisele Bundchen was reported doing this diet to lose her baby weight so quickly. Also Jennifer Lopez and Nichole Kidman were rumored to use DukanDiet.

Why it works
Just like the Atkins diet it forces your body to use stored fat for fuel. It also is a powerful natural appetite suppressant. The biggest difference that this diet has compared to Atkins is that it focuses on protein and not fat. Studies have shown that our bodies burn up 4 times more calories digesting protein than fat or carbs.

How it works
This diet is set up into 4 parts.  The Attack Phase, The Cruise Phase, The Consolidation Phase, and The Stabilization Phase. There is no measuring or weighing. Eat as much as the allowed foods until you are full.

Attack Phase: Eat as much non-fatty, protein rich foods. Unlimited lean protein, fat-free dairy. (Egg whites, Chicken, Salmon, FF cottage cheese, FF Greek yogurt.) Each day add 1 and 1/2 Tbs. oat bran to food.

Cruise Phase: All foods from Attack phase but can add all non-starchy veggies, and 1 tsp. any oil and up oat bran to 2 Tbs. (Salad greens, green beans, peppers, tomatoes, broccoli.) After you have done the attack phase move to this phase for another level of weight loss. This phase lasts until you reach your goal weight.

Consolidation Phase: Add 2 servings of whole wheat grains, 1 serving of low-fat cheese, and 2 servings carbohydrates. Can add fruit. Also allows 2 celebration meals that allows dessert and wine. (String cheese, whole wheat toast, beans.) For every pound you shed in the first phases of the Dukan Diet, you stay in the Consolidation phase for five days. So if you lost 24 pounds, this phase should last four months.

Stabilization Phase: 6 days a week you can go back to eating whatever you want, with one day going back to Attack phase with just protein.

How long should you be on the Attack Phase:
Need to lose 10 pounds or less – 1 day
Need to lose 10-20 pounds   –    3 days
Need to lose 20-40 pounds   –    5 days
Need to lose more than 40 pounds – 6-7 days

Don’t forget to exercise, but don’t lose so much that you lose your curves. Curves are in this season!

Click to find out more of the DukanDiet

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******UPDATE: I decided to try this diet to see for myself. Today is 5/8/13. I stayed on the Attack Phase for 10 days. Today is day 12 for me and I am down 10 pounds! I am going to continue on this diet because I don’t feel hungry and I want to use this as a big jumping off point to get some weight off. It is working so far. I will update again in a few weeks.

*****UPDATE 2: Today is 6/1/13. I am officially down 20 pounds! Pretty good for one month!
*****UPDATE 3: Today is 7/22/13 and I am now down 33 pounds. I have been keeping my carbs below 40 grams per day. Loving this diet so far!

*****UPDATE 4: Today is 9/3/13 and I am down 40 pounds! That is with two vacations where I ate what I wanted for 2 one week vacations. I just got right back on Dukan diet and still lost weight.

****UPDATE 5: Today is 1/15/14 – It’s the New Year! I have gained back about 6 pounds through the holiday’s and my birthday celebrations. Back on the Dukan plan as of yesterday. I will keep you posted to my loss.  Loss as of today is back to 35 pounds. Goal is to lose the weight I gained and an additional 20 lbs.

13 thoughts on “Kate Middleton’s Pre-Wedding Diet Plan – Dukan Diet

  1. Chloe

    I have wondered if this was really true. My suspicion is that Kate is a very thin woman who doesn’t eat when stressed and naturally lost the weight as her wedding day approached. My daughter is built much like Kate and we could barely get her corset-style laces tied tight enough on her wedding day because she’d lost so much weight.

  2. Anonymous

    I have been on the Dukan Diet now for almost a month and have lost a total of 15 pounds. I am not hungry, am not craving sweets and other, drink lots and lots of water, and steadily watch the weight come off. Of all diets I have tried, this is by far the easiest and the most weight loss in a short period of time. Karyn

  3. My Thirty Spot

    Hi Arielle and Myrto,

    Thanks for your comments! I actually really like this diet too! I was on it for two weeks and I lost 10 pounds. I need to go back on it. I will def check out your blog Arielle!



  4. Aleksandra

    Try adding your oat bran to 1 large egg white and make it like a ‘pancake’. I used it for breakfast as well as for my sandwich with a turkey breast for protein only days.

  5. Suzanne

    I have been on this diet (well, I call it a better and more sensible way to feed myself) since august 2013 and I have lost over fifty pounds. Plus, with all the recipes available on the net ,it’s very easy and delicious! I am 61 and I never felt better in all my life! I give myself permission to eat ¨unhealthy¨ food every now and then, but I will never go back to where I was because thank’s to Dr Pierre Dukan I now know how this works. Everybody who struggles with a weight problem should read the book. This could very well be the remedy to obesity!!!

    1. Erin Kennedy Post author

      Thanks Suzanne, I totally agree with you. I like this diet a lot too, and have found success. Thanks for commenting! I am happy to hear your results. It helps to give me a push back into getting 100% back on it.



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