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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

12 of the Highest Calorie Halloween Candy

Halloween is here! Which means that we will be raiding our kids Halloween bag when they are not looking, or stealing a few treats that we bought to hand out to the kids. You may or may not want to know these stats about calories, because I know the rule, what you don't know doesn't count, calorie wise. However, I am trying to do get healthy and keep those extra calories down to a minimum, and it is better for me to know how much I am consuming when I dig into the bag o' treats. Otherwise my waistline will get the trick.

12 of the highest calorie Halloween candy treats:

Snicker's Creme Pumpkin: 150 calories
Butterfinger Snack Size Bar: 100 calories
Whoppers Mini Pouch: 100 calories
Milky Way Snack Size Bar: 90 calories
Almond Joy Snack Size Bar: 90 calories
Hershey's Fun Size Bar: 90 calories
M&Ms Fun Size Bag: 90 calories
Baby Ruth Fun Size Bar: 85 calories
Mounds Snack Size Bar: 83 calories
Twix Fun Size Bar: 80 calories
Snicker's Fun Size Bar: 80 calories
Reese's Peanut Butter Cup (one cup): 80 calories



  1. And they're going to be worth every single calorie.

  2. I completely agree. I just have to be careful this year, not go into a sugar coma.

  3. Thank goodness there's no dark chocolate on the list or in my son's loot.