How To Cover Up a Blemish Professionally

I just wrote a post this week about the 5 worst skin care habits. If you follow me on twitter, you know that I did not follow my own advice and I picked a pimple that I felt couldn’t just heal on its own. So what happened? It turned into a total mess. It started to create it’s own colony and started holding mayoral elections. That is what I get I guess. So since I still have issues, I need to figure out how to professionally cover that bitch up. Here is a fantastic video that gives a step by step on how to cover it like it never existed.

1. Use a cotton ball to dab with an astringent until it is all dried out.
2.  If you need to tone down the redness of your pimple, visine really works. Your blood vessels will shrink. Put it on your finger and dab onto your pimple. It only last a few hours though.
3. Find a concealer that matches your skin color and put on before foundation. Use a q-tip to apply your concealer on the head of the pimple.
4. Before you put the foundation on, you want to set the concealer with powder. Use a makeup sponge and roll over the pimple to set it.
5. Apply foundation to your whole face and pimple and you are done!

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  1. F.A.S.H

    Hi My Thirty Spot, I love your blog, and although I’m not thirty yest (25) I think you have amazing ideas. It’s bloggers like you that keep us newbies inspired. Maybe you could check out my blog sometime?
    I have a few followers but would love your advice on how to get more, thanks :)


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