When the Diamond is No Longer in the Rough:Love For 30 Project

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Can we get a Hallelujah for being in our 30’s?!!! I have been completely infatuated with this time of my life. Like literally! I am 32, going on 33, and soaking up the wisdom and enjoyment that is coming from this decade.

I grew up with some of those positive, motivational beliefs like, “Every trial will be used for good.” Or “everything happens for a reason.” You know, all those quotes meant to help you keep on keeping on. And I did just that, I kept trucking along. I went through my teens and twenties and I learned so many life lessons. And they were valuable. I was learning about myself, my likes and dislikes, what was important to me, what I didn’t want to be part of. Those years were super valuable and major teaching years. BUT…something happened when I turned 30. I swear, like overnight. Almost how magically overnight at 1 year old, a baby can drink cow’s milk. When I turned 30, I instantly felt like I just got life a LOT better. All of a sudden, it felt like I had a bag full of life’s lessons, accumulated from 0-29 years and 364 days. I had already learned that that one boy made me feel like dump when I was around him. And that one girl made my self-esteem plummet. But at 30, those individual lessons came together and made me realize…Don’t be around people that make you feel like crap about yourself. Those lessons, which used to seem like isolated learning experiences, seemed to all of a sudden connect and make sense on a bigger scale. And these understandings coerce me into making different and better decisions now. My experience base is deeper and when making a decision, I have multiple personal examples to pull from and help me know what’s best for me.

All of this leads to a bubbling confidence that seemed less than exuberant in my twenties. The confidence has led to such enjoyment…you guys, your thirties are just fun- the definition of being comfortable in your own skin and absolutely loving that skin!

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