My Currents For This Saturday – I Need Caramel Or I Might Die

This week has been a very crazy week. I have been playing nursemaid to the hubs (no, not like that you dirty birds.) My poor hubs tore his ACL to where it was non-existent and he had surgery this week to replace it. It is a rough surgery and tough recovery, but he has been a champ. He can’t put any pressure on it for a few weeks, so I have had to help him with everything. I know he can’t wait till he is doing physical therapy to make his leg strong again. 
I have also been busy finalizing some logos for some big projects coming up. I think it is super exciting, but I’m hoping I haven’t bitten off more than I can chew. Trying to keep up with work and I also have a big change for this blog coming in about a week and a half. I hope you will come and check it out. Lots of things going on. Can’t wait for all of you to see them!
Here are my currents for this Saturday. I need to stop neglecting this type of post. It has been way too long since I have done one of these. 

Time: 7:15 p.m.
Place: Home 
Eating: Nothing. I am hungry though. I have started the DukanDiet. Cuts out all sugar and I want the sundae (photo below) more than anything. It is the diet that Kate Middleton was on before her wedding. I have a whole post on that here. 
Drinking: Iced tea, extra ice
Watching: Phillies baseball game with the hubs. It is his fave.
Reading: Dukan diet recipes. 
Wanting: My husband to heal quickly. 
Thinking: Should I go get some fish for dinner? 
Creating: Work and more work for me. Am I crazy or what? Stay tuned.
Hoping: I can stick to it this time. 
Needing: To make dinner. 
Wishing: I didn’t have to diet. 
Listening: To the announcers of the baseball game and my cat pushing her food around in the kitchen. Not matter what I do, there is always cat food on the floor. 
Feeling: Hungry and overwhelmed. 
Wondering: If I am taking on too much. I need an assistant. Any takers?
Loving: The weather, but that will be short lived. We have been lucky so far that the weather has been calm and nice. However, that will change in the next few days and go up to the 100′s very quickly. 

Caramel sundae from Leatherby’s in Salt Lake City. It is a good thing there is not a Leatherby’s here or I would be in trouble. If you are ever in Utah, you have to go there and have a sundae. I don’t need to tell anyone living in Utah, because they already know about this place. It is oh, so good. They also have some of the best fry sauce. Mmmmm, fry sauce. 

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