Tips For the Best Way To Wax at Home & List of the Best Brands


Waxing, what can I say? It’s a real bitch. But then again, so is being hairy. I’m so sick of shaving my legs, bikini area, underarms, and now finding hair on our face, and in our nose? Ugh. And paying to get professionally waxed can really add up. It can get really expensive. I save those trips for special occasions and vacations.

I would not recommend using the hair removal lotions or creams. I tried them and they left hives all over my legs for days. It was terrible. So, to save some cash, and do it yourself, here are the best at home waxes.

There is something to be considered when it comes to waxing.

  • You want your hair to be at least 1/4 inch long but not longer than 1/2 inch long.
  • Take a pain reliever 30 minutes before you wax.
  • Try not to wax right before your period. Your pain receptors are at their highest at this time.
  • Make sure you pull skin opposite direction.

There are 3 ways to wax at home:

Soft Wax– Smooth the warmed wax on and use a strip to rip the hair out. It can cause skin irritation, but is less expensive. Requires fabric or strip to remove.
Hard Wax – Just that, hard. Smooth it on to your area and as it dries you find an edge you can grab and rip it off.  Does not require fabric or strips. Causes little irritation. This is better for smaller areas and bikini since it grabs on to each hair better.
Wax Strips – Wax is already on the strip. Warm with your hand. Pull apart and place wax side on area and pull off.

Some tips to remember:
Never wax after sunbathing or tanning – Tanning  harms epidermis – the outer layer of skin. So, when you are putting hot wax on it, pulling and ripping it off can peel a few layers of your skin, and you can end up with visible bruises or scabs.

Wait a few hours after waxing:
Before going into a hot tub, sauna, or a public swimming pool. Those places can harbor bacteria that can cause a skin infection. Slight damage to the skin, caused by waxing, coupled with improperly maintained water provides a breeding ground for bacteria.

Read Directions:
You are not sure how the wax will interact and you want to know what to look for with the wax. If you are still unsure what to do, you can call your nearest salon. Most esthetician’s will be happy to help and walk you through your at home kit.

Do not wax if you have:
Skin allergies
Any other skin disorder
Very sensitive skin

Best Home Wax Brands
Best hard and soft wax is from Gigi

Hands down the best I have used for face.
The newest and easiest product for at home wax is the roll on wax. It comes with a cordless warmer and strips. Roll on the wax, use strips to remove hair. Suppose to be mess free. The best is from Clean and Easy.


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    Great at-home waxing tips. My friend Kristy recently found a recipe to make your own wax at home that I have been wanting to try. Have you heard any thing about this method?

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