Birthday Cupcake Jello Shots

Wow! What can I say about these! These look so awesome. I wish I could take credit for them, but all the credit goes to Erica Sweet Tooth. These are so cute, and Erica says they are super easy. I have never tried Cake vodka, but my husband says it is delicious. I think I have a pretty good excuse to try it for the first time.

Birthday Cake Jello Shots

2/3 cup cream soda
2/3 cup cranberry juice cocktail
1 tbsp heavy cream
2 envelopes plain gelatin*
2/3 cup cake-flavored vodka
Few drops food coloring, if desired
Whipped cream – fresh or store-bought
Sprinkles )or Jimmies) for garnish

Lightly spray the mold with non-stick spray and wipe excess off with a paper towel. Don’t over spray it or the residue will affect the taste of the jello.
Pour the soda, juice, and cream into a medium saucepan and sprinkle the gelatin on top. Allow the gelatin to soak for 2-3 minutes, then begin to heat on low, stirring constantly until gelatin is fully dissolved (about 5 minutes).
Remove saucepan from heat and add vodka and food coloring.
Pour into molds and chill for several hours, or until set.
Remove from mold, top with whipped cream, and enjoy responsibly!


    • Anonymous says

      Usually canned coconut milk is a good replacement for heavy cream in beverages! I can’t do dairy, and that’s what I use. It’s slightly sweeter than cream, but shouldn’t affect a recipe like this.

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