Christmas Morning Sparkling Cocktail

Picture thanks to The Kitchen Witch – Fabulous Blog
Christmas morning deserves a little cocktail if you ask me. This one will fit the bill. Who doesn’t want to open presents then open the champagne bottle? Yep, that’s me. Don’t judge. This recipe has a children’s alteration at the bottom too so they can enjoy. This recipe makes 8 servings. 
For Adult Version:
2 2/3 cups chilled pineapple juice
1 1/3 cups chilled orange juice
1 1/3 cups triple sec
1 bottle champagne or sparkling wine
8 maraschino cherries
Put a cherry in each glass. Mix all ingredients together except champagne. Chill for 30 min. Once you are ready to serve, slowly mix in champagne. 
For Children’s Version:
Replace triple sec with pineapple juice and the champagne with soda water or ginger ale. 


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