Gap Men’s 1969 Slim Modeled By My Cute Hubby #denimevolved


I have a super cute husband, so why wouldn’t I want to feature him on a Gap jeans campaign? 
Gap has a new spring line for men’s and women’s jeans – the Men’s 1969 Slim and Women’s Skimmer. We wanted to feature and put together some outfits of the Men’s 1969 Slim to show how versatile these jeans are. You can dress them up and down  and it adds so much to the outfit. 

I styled my husband with items that were already in his closet to showcase these jeans. Each photo features the same 1969 Men’s slim, but depending on how you dress, can really help to make the outfit pop and look great for whatever occasion.  
Here is my husband and 5 outfits that we put together with the Gap 1969 Slim. I can’t thank him enough for being my cute model, especially because he was very reluctant, but I charmingly convinced him to do this for me. I knew he would look nothing but fantastic in these Gap jeans. I was right when I knew that he would love them and has been getting compliments on how great he looks. People keep asking him if he has lost some weight. He would never admit it, but I know he is just loving it! 


This is a two-for-one outfit. Just by adding a jacket and tucking in his shirt, 
it changes the whole style completely. 
My husband loved that fact that they were “slim” and not skinny jeans. They fit good in the right places, but it did not make him feel like they were too tight and still had a “boot style” look over his shoes. 

Dressing it down with a t-shirt and jacket. 
The New 1969 Slim. The fit of the season. Starting at $59.95.
Disclosure: This post was sponsored by The Gap. All opinions are my own.


  1. Tiffany says

    Your husband looks so great! I love all the looks you put together! I showed my husband and he said that looks just like some jeans he has been looking for. Thanks for this post!

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