Holiday Hostess Gift Ideas Under $30

Beautysets - Holiday Hostess Gift Ideas
If you are not hosting the holidays at your house this year, it probably means that you are going to someone else’s house where they have slaved away in the kitchen to make you a wonderful meal. The least you could do it bring a nice little hostess gift right? It is more appreciated than you might know. If you have been the hostess, you know what I am talking about. I know that I would much rather bring a thank-you gift than live in the kitchen all day long. But that is just me. It really is the thought that counts when bringing a little something to say thanks. 

Your hostess gift doesn’t have to be anything extravagant  I found some great options that are really inexpensive. I also gave some options that are homemade and really easy too. 

If you want more ideas, check out Etsy. They always have some great homemade gifts that would be a hit and you can just buy them and have then sent to you just in time. 

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