My Snowflake Wreath Crafting Fun – Only Five Dollars & Five Minutes

I made a trip to the dollar store because, hey, there are plenty of things that you should totally get from the dollar store and not anywhere else. I get all my wrapping and gift bags from the dollar store because, well, it is only one dollar! Best deal ever!
As I was perusing the holiday decorations and party section, I noticed that there were some plastic snowflake ornaments. I had the idea that I could glue them together and make a cute and unique wreath. I have been meaning to make it to the craft store to make my own wreath, but I didn’t know what I wanted to make. I knew this would be totally different and I think kinda cute. Besides, I figured since I’m in Phoenix, I need a few snowflakes. 
So this whole little wreath took me 5 minutes to put together and $5 to make. 
  • Ribbon
  • 3 packs of three plastic snowflake ornaments
  • Door hanger with three hanging balls
 Super gluing my heart out. 

6 thoughts on “My Snowflake Wreath Crafting Fun – Only Five Dollars & Five Minutes

  1. Nichole

    I bought those exact same snowflakes at my Dollar Tree for dressing up my holiday packages and ribbons. I would have never thought to do something that creative! Love it!!

  2. Anonymous

    I also got the big snowflakes…have them hanging from the roof across the front of the house,during the day the sunshine makes them sparkle and shows colors. Then at night the lights shine on them..I work at a Walmart but am always sending people to the $$$$$ tree..Merry Christmas…

  3. Anonymous

    @ Dani…I bought these snowflakes and hung them on my tree right in front of a CHRISTmas light… it is just outstanding beautiful

  4. My Thirty Spot

    Thanks everyone! All your ideas are so creative and fabulous too! I never thought of using for the gift wrap or hanging from ceiling. Man, the dollar store is where it’s at!
    Thanks all for your comments!


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