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When girl meets 30. This website is dedicated to women in their 30s and our journey. Still feeling as smart, young and sexy as we did in our 20s, but learning life might be more complicated than we anticipated. Sharing tips and stories on beauty, fashion, anti-aging, money, motherhood, health, diet, recipes, the occasional deal and LIFE.

My Name is Erin Kennedy and I decided to start this blog 
because there was nothing out there dedicated to the "Thirty-Something" gal. I love to write, so why not? 

The number one thing I have learned since starting this blog? Wear sunscreen! Especially on my hands. I don't want fine lines yet. I still hold out hope that I will get carded every now and then. 

If you want to know more, here are 20 Thing You Don't Know About Me and FAQ

I'm always looking for guest bloggers who are interested in joining the- 
Love For 30 Project

Please email me if you're interested.

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