Prevent or Rid Yourself of Age Spots

We are all at the age where age spots might be a concern. Whether you have them already and want to figure out how to get rid of them, or make them fade, or just want to start the prevention program so you don’t see them for a long time, we have a few tips that work, and will keep you looking young.

Sunscreen – We all know by now, or should know by now that sunscreen is number 1! Sun damage and sun burns are the main culprit for pre-mature wrinkles and sun spots. SPF is very important, but surprisingly not the most important when trying to stay looking young. SPF only focuses on UVB rays, that only focuses on immediate skin burning, but to protect your skin from sun damage you need to focus on UVA rays too. That is what causes your skin to age. When looking at buying a sunscreen you should look for protection from both. Look for ingredients that include Titanium Dioxide, Zinc Oxide or Avobenzone.

CarrotsThere was a study done in India that lead to surprising results. 85% of participants who smoothed beta-carotene-rich carrot oil on their skin each night, saw their age spots lighten within 8 weeks! Beta-carotene saturates the color producing cells of the skin, preventing it from over-producing pigment. Try Yes to Carrots’ Night Moisturizing cream. 

Lemon Juice. All natural and  lemon juice can help you fade your age spots. This is a great treatment for any spots anywhere on the body. Simply apply some with a cotton swab twice a day and in a couple months you will start to see these age spots fade.

Soy – Soy based sunscreens that contain Genistein, an estrogen like compound can turn off the switch that produces too much pigment and causes age spots. They fade away as the darkened top layer of skin is replaced with new skin. Before you apply, rub your face with a washcloth to exfoliate the dead skin cells off and you can see results as little as 2 months. Try DDF Daily Organic SPF 15.

Prescription – If your sun spots are really bad, you can talk to your doc about a prescription cream like Tri-Luma. It has been shown to erase age spots for 81% people who tried it.


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