Sock Bun and Sock Bun Curls Tutorial

I love this technique. I used it all throughout the summer when I found out about it. I actually tried to take some pics, but they didn’t really turn out. So here are some pics and videos to show you how to do it. It is so easy and looks so polished and nice. This would be great for a Christmas party. 

Here is a video of the original sock bun, more details but the same concept as above.
Here is another way to get the sock bun look. This may work better for you if you have a lot of layers.
To get the sock bun curls, just do the same technique but make sure to spray your hair with product or water to make it damp, but not wet. Sleep in it overnight and pull the sock out. If you need to fix some pieces, just use a curling iron or flat iron. I tried this technique but my hair was too damp so when I took out the bun the next morning my hair was still wet and the curls hung. It would have looked great if it had more time to dry. I also didn’t use any product and I think I may try that next time. This is a great idea for 5 minute hair. Even if it is just a good starting point to add more curls with your curling iron. It is sure to save you a ton of time.


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    This is my absolute favorite hairstyle. It’s so sleek and chic but SUPER easy. My hair hasn’t seen heat (no blow dryer, curling iron, straightner, etc.) in almost two years, so this is also the perfect no-heat curl method. I usually do the sock bun the morning of Day 1, sleep in it, then take it out Day 2.

  2. Anonymous says

    I would love to do this with my daughters hair when she goes to ballet but you didnt really give good instruction on how to put the sock in

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    Hey Anonymous, were you able to watch the video tutorials that showed you exactly how to do it? The girls on there show you how they do it and it is very helpful. I learned how to do it from the first video with the blonde girl. If you can’t see the videos, let me know and I will try to explain it, but it is easier to see it with the video.

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    Thanks so much for posting this. I actually use this hairstyle a lot for formal events. I usually put my bun to the side right behind one ear with a little poof on the crown of my head though. I definitely want to try to the sock bun curls though. My hair is naturally curly and I have to fight with it to keep it straight, so I’m constantly looking for ways to get some unfrizzed curl to it. This might work. Thanks again.

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    Hi ARHIH! I think this look would work perfectly for your curly hair. The curls would help to keep the bun in place as you roll the bun into it. It is great because this look will work for a formal event, or just to pull up and you’re out for the day.

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    Yay Domanique! I am so excited for you! It will look great. Yes, blow dry. If it is too wet or damp it will hold onto the water and not curl when you take it out. My first one I put up when my hair was too damp and I slept in it overnight and it was still wet and didn’t curl. I would also add a little mousse if you have it on your wet hair before you start to blow dry.
    Good luck!

  7. Anonymous says

    SO i tried this and when i try to roll my hair in the sock it just gets knotty. i have extremely thick hair is this the problem?

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