12 Easy Neighbor or Work Christmas Gift Ideas

My best friend was at a loss of what to get her neighbors for Christmas. The neighbor Xmas exchange can be a hard one because you want to get them something cute, but not too expensive. They took the time to make, bake or put together a cute little gift, so what to get them? I sent her a couple of ideas that I found online, and I figured, she is probably not the only one that can’t decide what to give all the neighbors without breaking the bank, but still look like she made an effort. These ideas will also be great for your work friends, or if you have a small budget for your friends or fam gift exchange.

A holiday cookie cutter attached to the bow would be cute too!
Thanks Em!
It would be cute to add wooden spoon to the bow at the $1 store.


  1. Brenda says

    Very creative ideas…which unfortunately I’m not. I’m always trying to come up with different, unique and fun gift ideas. You’ve really got my mind swarming with these. Thanks a bunch. :)

    • says

      I know that not everyone with diabetes is like I am and hates to get “Sugar Free” cookies and candies (sugar-free doesn’t mean carbohydrate free and as a type 1, carbs are what I have to know), so some consumable ideas might be: coffee or tea (in a cute mug?), mixed nuts, cheeses.

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