Julep Maven Nail Polish Kit – Only $1!

Have you ever tried Julep nail polish? I haven’t. However, I have heard some fab things about it. I am really into good nail polish now that I am older. I care about the quality of polish I put on my nails because I know it can affect they way they grow and look. So, I came across a fantastic deal thanks to Bessie at Bravoe Runway and I signed up to be a Julep Maven. Basically it is a nail polish club for $19.99 a month but you get $40.00 worth of stuff. You take a personality quiz and it will match you up to your nail polish personality. If you don’t like what it picked for you, you can choose another option. I took the quiz and they are sending me the American Girl box which includes a cuticle oil, a pretty red polish and a glittery gold polish. Julep nail polish usually costs $14.00 each, so this seemed like a pretty good deal to me.

However! The deal gets better and this is why I am sharing it with you and why I signed up.

Right now you can sign up with Julep for $1! 
This will include 2 polishes and a nail treatment.
Find it Here

That is how much I paid to get the 2 polishes and cuticle oil. Free shipping and no tax (at least where I live.) So, I paid $1 and I can cancel anytime. I already set a reminder with Siri so I don’t forget. I want to see how I like it first.

Don’t forget if you sign up, that unless you cancel, they will send you a box of new items every month and charge your credit card $19.99. So keep that in mind. But for now, it is only a buck for some good quality polish!

I am not sure when this promotion ends since I just found the code, but I assume through Feb.


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