Lemongrass Spa Product Review

I was approached by the super nice and beautiful 30-something Mylah Stanton to try out some of her skincare products that she sells with Lemon Grass Spa Products and give it a review. I was intruiged to try out some of the things that she sells because they are  97% – 100% chemical free and made in the Colorado Rockies.

All of the products are hand-made and they keep it mostly chemical free by using  pure essential oils, phthalate-free fragrances or unscented options. That is really important to me because I am really sensitive to smells. When it comes to smells with skincare or beauty products, I am really picky. I rarely wear perfume because I hate smelling it all day, it will more than likely give me a headache.

I have to say, that I really enjoyed the smells of the products I tried, and they were not overpowering at all.

Here are some of the items that I tried.

I have to say first of all, I love the smell of this body polish. It felt so clean and fresh and not too much. I have used scrubs before and I love the oils that they use, but sometimes, I thought my skin felt really greasy after I used it. I didn’t feel that way with this scrub. I really loved it. 

I used this after the grapefruit scrub. I thought the combination of the two were a match in heaven. I couldn’t have asked for a better time for this to try. My hands have been really dry and cracked lately because it has been cold, and it seems like it takes 15 minutes for my water to get hot, so I have been doing a lot of dishes and cleaning in cold water. Needless to say, when I put this on my hands, the burning dry feeling went away immediately. The only way I can describe the feeling of my hands is silk. I was nervous that  the smell of grapefruit and the body silk scent of eternal bliss would clash, but I actually thought they complimented each other very well. 
I really like this balm. It has a nice flavor like a grapefruit/passionfruit. The ingredients are right on the products of the balm and includes coconut oil, apricot, kernal oil, beeswax vitamin E oil and Stevia! STEVIA! I was excited to see this. I love this all natural sweetener. I loved that they included it. It brought a nice natural color to my lips and lasted until I ate lunch which was over an hour. 
This soap smells so good. A light honey scent. I have been using this by the sink to wash my hands. I love oatmeal soaps. It is suppose to moisturize your skin and with the body icing my hands are soft!
I have to say, that I really liked these products. You never know, because there are so many lines out there, it is nice to find something that is mostly or fully chemical free, and that is still smells and feels so good on my skin. I also can’t believe how affordable it is. 
If you are interested in buying some of these products, or checking out their many other products be sure to check out Mylah’s website. From that page you can also email her and even set up an event that she can host for you and all your girlfriends who want some affordable quality products. 


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