Secret to the Perfect Hard Boiled Egg and Easy Peel Trick

With Easter being this weekend, I have had a craving for some hard boiled eggs. I am sure it has been because I am seeing them everywhere. If you are getting ready to boil some eggs this weekend for dying, then I have found a sure way to make them perfect. Not over cooked with that yucky grey yolk, and not too under cooked. Also, there is a secret to make those shells peel a lot easier too.

Check out the last picture for a way to eat your egg that was absolutely surprisingly delicious!

1. Add your eggs to a pot and fill the pot with cold water until there is an inch of water above the eggs.

2. Put the pot on the stove and bring the water to a boil. Not small bubbles, but a rolling boil. Once your water is boiling, take the pot off the heat, cover and set the timer for 10 minutes.

3. After the 10 minutes, put the eggs into a bowl of cold water. For best results, try adding a few ice cubes, but not too many to make it super cold water. Let your eggs sit in the cold water for 5 – 7 minutes.

After that time, take them out and they should be ready to peel and eat, or dye for Easter eggs.

The secret to easy to peel hard boiled eggs:

1. The fresher your eggs are, the harder they are to peel. If you have eggs from last week, they will work the best.
2. Before your water boils, add few dashes of salt or baking soda. That will help to peel the shell off a lot easier. I was able to peel my shells in 4 pieces. So much easier than when I have attempted to peel a hard boiled egg in the past.

And if you are looking to try something new (or maybe it’s just new for me) and want another way to eat a hard boiled egg after the Easter egg hunt, you have to try this out. I was making my eggs today, and I had some pesto in the fridge and I thought, “Hey, putting these two things together might be awesome!” And it really was. So delicious and I never knew before. This is a new favorite snack!

Sorry about the quality, I took this with my phone after the fact. Yum!


  1. says

    The baking soda worked like a charm…however 10 minutes wasn’t long enough. They were still softer than pictured and softer than I like. Next time I will leave them in a few mintues longer.

    But SO pleased with the baking soda and easy pealing!! YEAH!!

    • says

      So glad you liked the baking soda trick. I wonder if altitude has anything to do with the cooking time because I am at about 1100 altitude and I only need to cook them for 7 minutes for an egg that looks like the pic above. So it just depends. Just make sure that your water is at a rolling boil before you cover and take off heat.

      Thanks for commenting!

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